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Marching we will go

Posted on 2007.04.12 at 18:14
Current Location: marching in the woods
Current Mood: soresore
Man, I have done so much marching over the month that if I march anymore, I think my legs will fall off. My troop hasn't met an other soliders which, I guess is a good thing. Tomorrow we stop off in a little town to take our rest which, I cannot wait for. I wish I had some more friends in my team, all my friends are either in high teams or not in a team at all. Well, I have to write to my parents now.
until the sun comes up - I will not see the light and hope it brings.

High Ho It's off to War I go

Posted on 2007.03.23 at 15:32
Current Location: marching to a camp site.
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: I'll Make a Man Out of You
Well today is the day I march off to war. With my sword in my hand and my bow and arrows on my back, I am well prepared. The elemental classes have paid off and I am very calm. No smoke coming out of me today.

It's sad that I am leaving but this is for the greater good. My brother came to see me off. I feel bad that I am leaving him but hopefully the war will not last long and I will come home alive.

First stop (well it hasn't been planned but whenever we get news of Gaen soldiers we will camp). I plan on keeping my journal with me to record any big events. Also so I have paper to write to my brother on.

My commander is calling for a meeting so I must go now. Hope all is well.

Off to war I go.

Posted on 2007.03.11 at 15:37
Current Location: getting ready to leave me room.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: Celtic Women
Well I am all packed and ready for departure. Actually I am kind of sad. I will not be able to return to my home for a while. My parents came to visit again to wish me good luck and my brother gave me a going away gift. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It's another necklace but this one helps with my elements. It's nice. I need to stop by Amaya's before I leave to give her, her silver.

Well if I have time hopefully I can write to someone, but knowing me I will have no time at all. Being an elemental is tough, they always need you somewhere. Very useful to me though since I can now freeze my foes.

I need to take some medicine for my headache, then I have to make my way to the training building where we are all meeting.

Hopefully this will be a quick war.

wonderful news or not so wonderful

Posted on 2007.02.18 at 21:59
Current Location: packing my cloths
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Carry On by Katie Rose
I cannot believe Gaea and Terra have declared war on each other again. No more Elemental Classes now its full blown training. I depart here soon, to Hera, then to where ever they need me. I need to go see Amaya before I leave. I am not happy that I have to go to war but that's what I have to do. I will not forgive what crime was done to me by the Gaean government. Since my brother heard this news he came to see me. It wasn't a happy meeting. He wants me to drop my position and come home and help out with out tribe. That's not right though, I have a duty, or do I have a duty to my homeland? I am kind of confused. Well I have more packing to do before departure.

Back to class

Posted on 2007.02.04 at 20:28
Current Location: under my warm covers
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: 1000 words
Elemental class was killer today. My classmates and I were split up into teams and we had to attack the other team, retrieve some item, and also control our powers so we didn't really harm anyone. Alright so there was medical help on the side just in case, but no one really got hurt.
Alright so maybe I was a little too hard on a person, but when they are attacking your teammates you do what instinct tells you too, which is save their life and hurt the person choking them. The worst thing that happened though was I let my guard down for just a second, but that would have cost me my life if it wasn't just a drill.
Home is peaceful. I have been singing more often to calm my nerves. Also to forget about the letters my mother has been sending me. She really (and I mean REALLY) wants me to get married. She said that I am getting older and need to find someone before I am 80. Personally I think she is nuts. She thinks she is doing me a favor. I am like ever normal girl, I want that to come in time. I mean there are some cute guys in my elemental group, but none that really spark my interest.
Maybe I should go pay Amaya a visit. I haven't talked with her since the day she helped me, but something tells me she could give me the advice I need.
Maybe I will also go find Remeidos, I really could use my teddy bear about now.

What a day

Posted on 2007.01.24 at 17:53
Alright so when I got home from my lessons today I felt in such a wonderful mood. The only thing bring it down was - I had no one to share my feelings with. Maybe I will write to my brother. The Fae I met today was surprising nice. I hope to further a friendship with her, I mean if I am going to have to work with her until they put me back in regular elemental classes, I might just make friends with her. My brother is going to have a baby soon, well not him but his wife. I love how I am not aware of my familys doings, (apparently him and his childhood sweetheard got married a few months ago). I am sad I missed the wedding. Anyways, the Fae got me to sing today which does always relax me. Maybe I will sing some more.

I really could use a teddy bear right about now.

Does my life get any better?

Posted on 2007.01.18 at 18:01
Current Location: walking out of my apartment
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: nothing
Alright, today was a HUGH, surprise.  My parents came to visit.  They NEVER leave the town were I grew up in.  Lucky I had off of work today.  They said something about me putting in a lot of effort and I deserved it.  It, of course was longer then that but, that's about what it came down to.  Back to the parents story.  Oh they gave me WONDERFUL (not) news.  They want me to get married soon.  I am only 70 years old (which is nothing in high elf years).  I am quite young and still not ready to marry.  Actually i loathe the idea of marriage.  It will come in due time, I mean I have a life time.  Plus I would rather find a guy who likes me for me, and isn't after just a title.  I mean my dad is the leader of my tribe of elves.  I thought I would never see the day when I wish my brother was around.  I love him to death but he is such an annoying prat sometimes.  

So I gave them a sob story about how I couldn't think of marriage right now since I am part of the government and possibly being put into the war action.  I mean its mainly true.  Luckily they only stayed for the night.  I am now looking for a faerie who I bumped into on my first day here.  I think I could use her help.  

I need to calm down and just relax or all I am going to be bending for the next month is smoke.  Smoke, smoke and more smoke.  The one downfall of my bending skills.  I can't even practice right now I am so tense.  

I NEED help. 

Maybe i'll go take a walk and let my feet guide me and where ever I end up is where I will stay. 

Or maybe I will just try and find my friend.

All alone in a dark place can leave a girl jittery

Posted on 2007.01.16 at 18:30
Current Location: In my room
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: singing - anything that pops into my head
Alright.  I now offically hate my job.  So todays assissment was to sit in a dark room and bend my fire to get me out.  Catch of it all - you guessed it, A maze.  So I was left alone in a dark maze for 4 hours trying to find my way out.  Best part was the challenges they put in for me to test my skills.  Do they (meaning the terran government) not trust me on my own skills?  I think I know what I can and cannot do.  So finally when I get out they are in my face about how long it took me.  I mean come on you be in my position being stuck in a place where you have no sense of direction and its dark. 
I was glad to get home.  Just as I was about to take a nap and rest I get summoned back to work for another work out.  Today was just my day.  I mean target practice isn't enough for them.  Now I can handle the work don't get my wrong, I am just having a tough time.  I have little money left,  and still very new to the area.  I hardly know anyone!  
I really should ask my parents for a little help, but if I do they will complain about how they were right and I was wrong for leaving them.  I mean they treat me like I am a kid.  I know I am not old but I am old enough to be on my own. 
Plus if I do go back to my parents I have to go through with a wedding that I don't want to par-take in.  The person they want my to marry is a complete stick in the mud and doesn't get me.  Were terrible for each other.  Sure he might be rich and it would be good for the tribe but I don't want to get married.  At least not now.  I rather marry for the right reasons, then what is expected of me. My brother who I left, wrote to me today.  I wanted to cry.  He was my closest friend back home and always looked out for me.  He gave me the necklace I never take off.  Well he is in love with a water bender which in my tribe is not uncommon but people still frown upon it.  Water benders and Fire benders don't get alone.  I am blessed to be both.  A gift and curse. 
I need to get out more.  I also need to find someone who wants to show me the ropes of the town.  I am  clueless.  I have walked in circles and still couldn't remember where I was at.  I know I am in terra, by a government building - other than that, yeah I am stumped. 
Well I am getting back to singing now, its the only thing that will calm me down.

can life get any worse?

Posted on 2007.01.15 at 16:30
Current Location: somewhere in terra
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Road to Zanarkand
Alright so I finally am learning how to control my elements.  Stupid terran government is pushing me around so much that its getting easier to perform under stress.  I still haven't met too many people but, there have been some nice people helping me out and I thank you all very much. 
Today was ridiculous, I mean I had my "drill instructor" who works me out just stand behind me while I hit the targets first with fire then with water.  After it was all done I actually got a half smile from him which is a first.  I also think I ran into the prince by accident on my way home, he didn't seem to friendly.  Sometimes it makes me wonder why I ever left home, I mean there I was treated with respect since I am the only one in my tribe who can bend two elements.  I miss my brother and parents.  
Maybe I will take the boat back over for a visit when I get a day off ... I mean money is running low and I am being payed very little since I am still "in training". 
Well I am headed off to wonder around the town - maybe I will finally learn where everything is.

turn off the light

Posted on 2007.01.14 at 01:00
Current Location: In my bedroom writing in a journal
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: 1000 Words
Alright so the past couple of months have been very hard on me.  I mean when you have the terran government hounding down your back asking when you are going to start helping them - its tough.  Plus some of the people are real pompous .  
Anyways I have been wondering around the town looking for a side job to bring a little more money since it take forever for mail to get to me from my homeland.  So I saw a poster looker for singer - it might be fun. I need to go meet some more people too. I am not going to lie since I got off the boat - I have not made one friend.  I mean I am fine by that I have a lot of people I know just no friends. I really could use some about now to help me since I have no idea what I am doing. 
Oh well I haven't been able to sleep at all this week I guess you can call it a case of me just having too much on my mind.
So I am going to try and go to bed now.
Maybe tomorrow I will concentrate on talking to people and getting to know them better. 
Also might be a good idea to see if the government needs me.

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